See What Others Have to Say About Strike-Hold®

See What Others Have to Say About Strike-Hold®

Read testimonials from our satisfied clients!

People all across the nation are discovering the benefits of using Strike-Hold® on their equipment and metal machinery! If you're serious about taking care of your firearms, lawn care equipment, motors and other gear, count on Strike-Hold® to keep them protected.

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Commercial/Personal Testimonials

Mike and Dorothy,

I just returned from the Sig Sauer Academy where I earned my certification as a Master Pistol Instructor and a Master Rifle Instructor. It was an awesome experience where I pushed myself and my equipment far beyond perceived limitations. I'm proud to tell you that even while shooting nearly 3,500 rounds in 4 days in 103 degree heat on a dry and dusty range, Strike-Hold kept the guns running smoothly with ZERO malfunctions. I was happy to extoll Strike Hold's virtues to the other students in the classes and passed-out some samples with the literature on your behalf.


I've been a true believer in your product since you introduced me to it in 2004 and I've used it exclusively in three combat tours in Iraq, in the firearms instruction classes I provide, on all of my competition guns (USPSA, IDPA, 3-Gun, NRA Bulls-eye, ATA, NSSA, NRA F-Class), on my concealed carry guns, and now through the rigors of the toughest firearms training I've ever undergone.
Thank you for the finest product on the market and for the years of friendship and support.

Howard "Chip" Hall (LTC, USMC)

Gun Whisperer, LLC

I have found many uses for Strike-hold. My firearms have ran flawlessly since switching to noticeably cleaner. Strike-hold and are I also use it on Automated equipment in the manufacturing industry have noticed greater output since using Strikehold on my equipment. I cant say enough great things about this product !!!

Alex Barrow

T1 Ammunition, LLC

Great for cleaning and lubing the Harley!

Scott A.

Sarasota, FL

All around great application for home and office lubrication and working wonders on extending the life of our light bulbs-we use it on the bulb bases and in the sockets.

Matt G.

Sarasota, FL

Astounding product with limitless uses in our Tour Shop. It's great on our equipment and and is superb at penetrating and freeing up jammed and stuck pieces.

Chris C.

Sarasota, FL

About a year ago I sent you an email stating that I was getting divorced and packing my guns away for what could be a long time. I sprayed them all liberally inside and out with your product,put them in a wood crate that I built for them, threw in some desiccant packs for good measure and hoped for the best. They sat in a storage shed until last weekend and I'm happy to report that all of them came out looking exactly the way they went in... Thank you for creating such an amazing product !!!

Jerold Wood


Tom Carbone firearms said I should give your product a try? I had Two estimates for my 1959 Omega watch to be repaired.$750.00 or $1000.00 from Omega for the rebuild.The watch is keeping sweet time with a small treatment of Strike Hold. Happy Days! Thanks!!!

Patsy Davis

Key West, FL

I was thinking of how great SH is but also to share a little is better than a little too much To explain I forgot and left iPhone in rain It died, but after a few squirts of Strikehold and putting it in vacuum it worked again. The iPhone is working again!!!

Kraig H.


I've been using your product, Strike-Hold, on my guns. I am quite impressed with its unique ability to lubricate without being too "oily" which attracts dirt/dust. And it also seems like the lubrication stays on for a long time and doesn't dry up.
Strike-Hold was introduced to me by Lt. Col. Howard Hall during his NRA basic pistol course. He was nice enough to send me a sample bottle when I asked for a recommended cleaner.
I'll certainly be purchasing more Thank you for the "Worlds Best"!!!



Awesome stuff.!!! I am about to clean and spray my racing bicycle down with it to make everything work better for a race next weekend. t works so good on my weapons, why not my bike?

H. Ferry

Huntsville, AL

A new use for your product. Along with the help of a scotch brite pad, Strike Hold helped in removing baked on grease splatter from the ceramic coated burners on our gas stove. Even with regular cleaning and even soaking in Clorox, the stains persisted. I figured that it could not hurt to try Strike Hold on the stubborn stains. Wow, it actually did what I hoped it would do. Not even using a full spray, but a spritz hear and there, let it sit for thirty seconds, then scrub with the pad. Thank You for a great product.

Sgt J. Morosky


I picked up a bottle of this a couple of years Back at a gun show in dalton, Best stuff since sliced bread! Works great and goes a long way. Bought the large bottle and have used half of it and will buy more when this gets a little lower!

R. Bean

Ringgold, GA

Strike Hold is for Swimming Pool Remodeling!!! We use it on all of our equipment!

Amazon Pools Inc.

Sarasota, FL

I was thinking how great Strike Hold is. To explain, I forgot and left my iphone in the rain. It died, but after a few squirts of Strikehold, it worked again.



Great stuff! I use on my fresh and saltwater fishing reels to clean and lubricate the internal gears and protecting everything from rusting it is also the best gun cleaner I have ever used.

Hannah Whiteman

Suwanee, GA

I use it everywhere on my '82 CJ-7: spring/shock bushings, electrical components, engine degreaser, door hinges, winch cable...everywhere.

Daryl M.


I use strike hold for everything. I clean and protect all my firearms with it and use it to prevent rust on my camping supplies and my mtn bike I store outside.. I always have a bottle or 2.

Adam Gleiser


Been using this product for years. If you have anything metal that needs lubrication or protection from water this stuff more than fantastic. On line ordering is easy too.

Marge Royahn Hackbart


I believe in StrikeHold and have seen a reduction in dry firearms, lock backs and other malfunctions from oil issues...I believe it is a step backwards to use Hoppes#9 and gun oil. I have used StrikeHold on S&W 5906, Glock 23, Armalite .223 rifles, Rock River .223 rifles, Bushmaster .223 rifles and Colt 9MM Carbines, and malfunctions went to ZERO.

Sgt. Joe W., Range Master

Venice (FL) Police Dept.

The solvent qualities of StrikeHold are amazing. I am in the process of treating all of my firearms with your product. Although these were cleaned and oiled (with another product) before being put away, I can't believe how much material, lead and other residues your product loosened up. Terrific stuff!

John S.


I bought my first StrikeHold for cleaning my guns.... It has become... the one liquid for anything electronic, Water Sports equipment PWC Boats etc, trailer electric pig tails, home electronics, automotive on and on i finally ran out you dont use alot it goes along way. This stuff is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you use it once you will be looking for it continually trying it on the next project!

Chris Bandy


I own The Sharp Shop and have used Strike Hold for 2 years and it wo...rks for all the situations that have arrive while sharpening Knives, Scissors, Chainsaws , Garden tools ect... great for cleaning, arresting rust and lubrication of tight joints in these tools . It will continue to be a staple on my work bench and I highly recommend it to others.

Neil Cowan

Macon, GA

This product absolutely ROCKS! I have found more uses for it than I could imagine. It is THE superior penetrant. It blows away all other products I have used as a professional mechanic for decades to help break free rusted and corroded parts. As a metal conditioner it can reduce engine wear to almost none by adding to oil during an oil change. It works not as a mere oil treatment, but as a metal conditioner, by seeping into the very pores of the metal and creating a hard, slick surface. It migrates to the high "wear and tear" parts of the engine, where the heat created by metal on metal friction opens the surface pores wider to allow more of this marvelous substance to bond. I have tested older products that work, under racing conditions, and I can tell you from experience that this is decades newer and better technology. I have never seen anything that works so well with blued steel. After a good application, one is hard pressed to even get a fingerprint on a barrel! It cleans, lubricates AND protects weapons. Recently I have been using it on electric motors with apparent success. They seem to run a bit quieter and I would venture to guess that their service lives will be vastly increased. I can't say enough about this stuff! It's hard to believe I could be this impressed, even excited about a lubricant!

Robert Gluck

Highlands, NC

Strike Hold is the best lubricant and protectant i have ever used. I took apart all my fishing reels and cleaned out all the grease from the factory and treated it with strike hold. It made the reels function 100 percent better than ever before. it also cleaned out the rust and protects it from new rust forming.

Nick Snow

Atlanta, GA

I put this on all of my firearms for cleaner and lubricant. I even use it when working on small and large engines. Reccomended to anyone!--

A. Giddens


My Smith Machine had frozen up and after treating it with Stike Hold it now works smoothly. Like it is new again!

Cory Stokes


The windows on one of my family members SUV was not aligning correctly when the electric motor raised it. Spraying some Strike Hold down inside the window into the window track penetrated into the motor and lubricated the motor and removed whatever was keeping it from mis-aligning No problems since.

Karen Backus

Snellville, GA

Love this stuff. I use it to clean my guns, waterproofing electrical stuff, and general lubrication. I recommend it highly!

S. Taylor


This stuff works better than anything I've ever tried. It's about time to order some more. Great product! I sprayed some locks on a storage building with the CDLP more than 5 years ago, still works the same as the day I sprayed it.

Scott Prater

Gainesville, GA

This Stuff is the best I have seen for guns, tools and anything else metal. I highly recommend this product especially for fire arms!

Jessica Wooldridge


If you have to clean your pistols or rifles GET A BOTTLE This stuff absolutely works. I swear by this stuff now. Forget about all the nifty lubes, degreasers, oils etc Strike hold does it all. This is magic in a bottle. Watch a few of the cleaning videos and you'll be amazed. I don't use anything else on my firearms now.

J. Eden


This is the STUFF. Cleaning and drying for guns or tools. Works with all metal finishes. Protects your finish and repels dirt. This stuff rocks!


Downstate Illinois

This is an excellent product which serves as "the" answer when you wish to lubricate your firearms, a "slow working" lock, or whatever that just needs to "move" easier. It lubricates AND protects! Love it!

C.P. Powell

Denton TX

Yesterday as I did washed the bedding, I had a BIG surprise when I took the sheets and pillowcases out of the washer. There was my remote to the TV — and yes it went through all the cycles. I yelled to Roy to get the Strike Hold. We disassembled it and sprayed it good. Today we tried it and it works!!!! Thank you Strike Hold!! You are the top product on my list.

Pastor Ginger Betz

Thompsontown, PA

So... what do you do when you're sitting at your press on a Saturday night, reloading ammo for a Sunday morning match, and you find that you have run out of case lube? Well, for me, there was only one logical answer Strike-Hold! It worked GREAT! Hi I Never before have I had my brass run so smooth through my press, cleanup was a breeze, and my ammo functioned flawlessly. I LOVE this stuff and keep fmding more and more applications for it. Thanks again for such an awesome product!

Chris Wallace


I used Strike-Hold Gun Cleaner based on YouTube videos I had seen. It worked as described. My pistols (Glock, Kahr, and Rugar) are well lubed but not excessively. And they seem to function better as a result, with no miss-fires.

"Uncle George"

Los Angeles, CA

Listen, it's hard to believe the best gun cleaner comes out of Dawsonville, GA and we don't know who you are. We've been living and going to church in that area for almost 20 years and we know a whole lot of folks there. We would've never guessed the best gun cleaner and all around best lubricant was manufactured in our backyard.

Michael & Linda Day

Dawsonville, GA

I've found that after cleaning my rifles bore and treating with strike hold I've noticed no change of impact firing cold bore over slightly fouled bore.

John Nicholson


The solvent qualities of Strike-Hold are amazing. I am in the process of treating all of my firearms with your product. Although these were cleaned and oiled [with another product] before being put away, I can't believe how much material, lead and other residues that your product loosened up. Terrific stuff!

John Schultz


My 15 year old son dropped his cell phone in his bath water. The phone would not work or even light up. He took it apart and sprayed StrikeHold on the inside and after a few minutes it started working again. It saved me over $200. for a replacement phone. ---Buddy Melton (A note from Strike-Hold: You should always refer to your warranty before applying any product to your cell phone!) [We] purchased an above ground pool and when my wife got ready to plug the filter in to the outside outlet that had not been used on over 4 years it would not work and could not get any power to it. She ran an extension cord from the house to the filter and called an electrician. Fortunately he could not come for a couple of days. I told my wife to get my 2oz bottle of StrikeHold and spray the outlet and plug. She did not think it would help but sprayed it anyway. The outlet started working after a few seconds and she called the electrician back and cancelled the service call. This saved my another $125-$150 dollars for the service call and parts. StrikHold corrected both problems with a few pumps from the bottle. What a Great product!!! Thanks,

Buddy Melton

Easley, SC.

I've been using your product for about ten years now and have found it to be the best "all around" weapon cleaner on the market. It has worked great for cleaning and preserving everything from my personal & department owned weapons to my bicycles, cars and motorcycle. ---

Officer Mike Jolly

Highlands (NC) Police Dept.

I bought a can of your product today at the York Expo Center and went straight back to the station and cleaned an AR15 with it. Awesome product!

Jeff Oberdorf , Lead Firearms Instructor

West Manchester Twp PD

I accidently walked into the shower with my digital hearing aids, and they were not happy, they started to make crazy noises. I then pulled them out and threw them on the rug. I dried off and took some Strike-Hold sprayed them and a few minutes later they were working like new!!! Simply amazing.

Kenn K

Kuzmedics Inc.

I sprayed a small amount of your product on my computer keys that were stuck due to spilled port wine on the keyboard and to my surprise it worked with no damage to the computer. I am amazed--you saved me 1200 dollars on repair. ---Thanks,

Eli Weger


One guy told me he had static problems within a mic for his ham radio. After spraying the Strike-Hold product on the contact points of this mic and re connecting it to the radio to his surprise its working better than ever!!!

As told by a customer to Gene Graham of Knives, Etc.


We live in Ohio and it have been cold and full of snow this year Friday 2/5/2010 our furnace went out. I have been off work for a year and did not have the money for a service call. After living around a little electric heater for 3 days I decided to take apart clean and spray the motor with a little left over strike hold My Brother gave me! It worked in fact its quieter than its ever been. Thank You WOWMike Finley

Mark Loreti


I made a little homemade wind turbine out of an old electric lawnmower motor. I have a lightbulb connected to it so when the wind blows you can see it making electricity. After a good storm yesterday I noticed it quit working. Once I realized it wasn't the bulb I figured the motor was trashed. Then I remembered your product. I thoroughly sprayed the guts of the motor and don't you know, it started working again!!!

Mike Finley


Several years ago I saw your demo at the Farm Expo and bought a can of Strike-Hold and put some on several padlocks that are outside in the weather. FOUR YEARS later the locks open like brand new! Nothing else I tried lasted a month! Thanks for a great product.

Dennis Fish


I had a part in my workshop that the 1/8th inch bolt in it was frozen in its nut. I had been putting WD40 in it every week or so for the last 2 months. Each time I would try to unscrew it, no movement. Last week I was cleaning one of my pistols with Strike-Hold and before I put the can away I decided to give the bolt and nut a squirt. the next evening when I went to the shop I gave her another squirt and tried it with a screwdriver and pliers. THERE WAS MOVEMENT! It came loose! Strike-Hold had loosened a bolt that I had almost given up on. Keep on putting Strike-Hold in the hands of shooters...it really works!

Jim Moffatt "The Best Times"


This stuff [Strike-Hold] really works! Bought a can with skepticism and low expectations. Then my 12 year old daughter dropped her expensive cell phone in the swimming pool. I remembered this stuff I bought.. Well, I sprayed it in the cell phone and left it for a few days to dry thoroughly. We replaced the battery and the phone was as good as new. Pretty cool.



We recently began using Strike-Hold to treat the throwing plates on our sporting clays traps. Prior to Strike-Hold the clay from the targets would build up to a point it would begin to start breaking the targets. No longer, the Strike-Hold provides a surface treatment that has prevented most of this build-up. In addition, we use it to lubricate several pivot points on the equipment and the longevity is much better than used previously.

Gary Cox

Gas-N-Go Oil Co.

[Strike-Hold] is awesome and I have been testing it on Harleys, ATVs, fishing, sailing and go-fast boats. Also, my brother, Tim (Handy-Smith Handyman SVC) in Las Vegas usses it for hourehold repairs. Strike-Hold is why they call him "angel with a toolbelt". I KNOW Fll never touch WD-40 again!

Scott Smith, Boater Talk Radio Broadcast Host

FOX Sports Radio 1460 KENO, Las Vegas

A week ago I thought I had cleaned my .45...1 bought Stirke-Hold at a gun show in Knoxville last Sunday [then] I cleaned my gun again and couldn't beleive the dirt I got out of the barrel and cylinder! Good Stuff.


Johnson, TN

As the Range Master for Venice Police Dept. I believe in [Strike-Hold] and have seen a reduction in dry firearms, lock backs and other malfunctions from oil issues... I believe it is a step backwards to use Hoppes#9 and gun oil. I have used Strike-Hold on S&W 5906, Glock 23, Armalite .223 rifles, Rock River .223 rifles, Bushmaster .223 rifles and Colt 9MM Carbines, and malfunctions went to ZERO.

Sgt Joe Whitehead

Venice Police Dept. (florida)

We evaluated [Strike-Hold] in a high humidity experiment and found it to be significantly better than WD-40. One of our salesmen is a gun collector and told us about [Strike-Hold] and how the troops in Iraq are buying it on their own to use on their guns...it protects, lubricates and does not attract dust, which is a big deal in Iraq and Afghanistan. We use it on our electric motors.

Posted online on Red Power Magazine Forum by "Bill in NC"


During the summer my motorcycle had a failure, seems a micro-switch contacted water during a Ion distance run. I had to put a new one on from the dealer, which wasn't cheap. At my next opportunity I sprayed Strike-Hold into it as well as many points as I could find, including the one that gave me the trouble...BINGO!...Up and running, on with our ride to Thunder Beach in Panama City, FL.

Doc Wilson


We have found that using Strike-Hold on electronic contacts in the saltwater environment has been more effective at reducing corrosion than any other product we have ever used.

Patrick Woolley


I cleaned and lubricated my weapon with Strike-Hold before I arrived [at a firearms training academy in the high desert near Pahrump, Nevada]. We experienced winds up to 35 mph, blowing sand and dirt to such an extent that we experienced a total obstruction of our targets. My fellow students were advised to "overlube" their weapons and sand and dirt got everywhere in the guns. The ONLY MAINTENANCE THAT MY WEAPON REQUIRED WAS TO WIPE THE BOLT CLEAN WITH A SOFT CLOTH (as no carbon had built up on the bolt carrier surface). [I] sprayed a small amount of Strike-Hold on the bolt carrier, reassembled and continued training. Upon returning home...what could have been an hour's job was accomplished in about 10 minutes. While most products are "designed for selling", this product is "designed for using". Not only do I sell Strike-Hold...I use it myself...and so should you.

Don Wagenknecht

Ozark Armory Gun Shop
Lincoln, MO

Your product is amazing ! After leaving my auger attachment out all winter, I found it would not lock on to my ford tractor PTO drive. There is a spring loaded roll pin that was rusted solid. I tried the usual whack! with a wrench, but it did not budge. I then sprayed it with Strike-Hold and went about my business cleaning and lubricating other connections on my tractor. Well, when I tried it again, it worked like new. Amazing !!

Paul Vincent


...the stuff is incredible. My friend had a lawn mower that wouldn't start and as a last resort sprayed [Strike-Hold] into the carburetor. After waiting a little while, it fired right up. It's really great stuff.

Rob Keeton


Mike, your Strike Hold does great on my wheelchair. When I get around to my guns, I'll use it, Like I said. Anyhow, I put a link to this on our site. http://www.challengedsportsmen.com

Mark Brown VP CSA


The shore power cord for my boat spent the weekend in salt water. The boater next door let me use Strike Hold to restore the viability of the plug. It worked.

Lew Whitney


I have always been a PB Blaster guy and now have our division, Beach Patrol, ordering [Strike-Hold] for all our equipment which is boats, trucks, jet skis, trailers, ATVs, weight equipment, etc. I first put it on my my side arm, since Fm on the beach all the time and have to worry about rust on my sights. Well, even to this day I haven't had any rust on my gun yet. I have sprayed it on various pieces of my dive equipment and it is amazing how it lubricates and protects. it makes everything work much better under water.

Cpl. Dean E. Mayer

Myrtle Beach Police Dept.

After reviewing all of the product info you sent us, and after purchasing a can of your product over the counter, we have extensively tested it for corrosion resistance and lubrication on our SWAT weapons as well as in a maritime environment. We were impressed with its performance; we currently do not have a product that can match its performance. I, as the master trainer and lead armorer, have made a recommendation that we purchase this product for use department wide.

Officer Walter Makowski

St. Augustine Police Dept. Training Division

When I saw Mikes demo (that I wrote about) I knew that your product would take off and do well. fve tried Strike-Hold on a jillion different applications and it is an exceptional product. I've shown it to hundreds of shooters and it is becoming very popular in the Orlando Area. Great product!

Larry Willis

Florida Innovative Technologies

Unbelievable product! Bought a case at the show and came home to share it with my neighbors and friends. They are amazed! One neighbor has a lawn service and she is using it on her commercial mowers. Another neighbor is a contractor and he is using it on his tools. We love the stuff!

Chris Schmutz


All of our SWAT Team guys continue to use your product and everyone is really satisfied with the spray in fact its getting to where everybody has to keep their can locked up or someone will walk away with it!... Whenever we do training with other agencies we tell them about Strike Hold and how it is a product that actually works unlike some of the other stuff out there on the market.

SGT King

Georgia State of Georgia SWAT

I have used your product for the first time on my Glock this week. I love it. I have never been able to clean and lubricate a pistol or rifle so easy.

Rob Willey, New York Schenectady County Sheriff


This was not the intended reason I have Strike-Hold but this happened the other day: One of the boys drove his radio controlled car hull deep in water. The result was a no-go auto. I had him retire to the garage where I gave the battery pack, motor, transfer case and mother board a good spraying of Strike-Hold. Shook off the excess, reloaded the batteries and drove out of the garage. Cool stuff. Thanks.
PS I also gave my radio a healthy dose on my police motorcycle.

Curtis Carpenter, Alabama Police Officer


Military Testimonials

As a RET Special Forces operator, and primary Armeror for the 101st Air Assault Div under Gen David Petreaus, combined 26yrs experience, I can attest to the fact that StrikeHold is by far the most effective and wondrous cleaner, lubricant on weapons and or anything rusty out in the weather. As far as electrical equipment, I especially run fans outdoors for my dogs in the hot summer weather, rain or shine. These fans are not outdoor fans. All I do is spray the electrical components, and the outlets where they plug in, Strikehold dissipates water and they can keep running in the rain, no worries. I started my Dad using it on his farm equipment, and he has thrown away all his other spray lubricants. We refer to StrikeHold as magic spray. I can say a lot more, but no room here. More later. David Foster Jr, AKA SUPERDAVE. Hey, tell Mike to call to say hi.

David Foster Jr., US Army Ret., Advance, N.C.


I just wanted to reach out to you to let you know I am a student of Howard "Chip" Hall and he recently gave some Strike Hold. All I can say is this stuff is amazing. Cleaned all my firearms and knives with it. You definitely have a customer for life. Great product!

Ian Perez


It has been a long time my friend and it is great to see "Strike-Hold CDLP" doing so well. I've been busy on this side. In 2008, I completed my 3rd tour in Iraq, spent the next two years on a Congressional Fellowship program with a payback tour, commanded the Third Assault Amphibian Battalion from 2011 to 2013, graduated the National War College in 2014, and am now assigned to the Joint Staff in the Pentagon.
As if I didn't have enough going on, I've been an active firearms instructor, gun writer, and have started my own LLC for firearms instruction. I've been a Strike Hold Devotee since you first introduced me to it in 2004 and have been promoting it in the classes I regularly teach.

LTC Howard F. Hall, USMC


As a RET Special Forces operator, and primary Armeror for the 101st Air Assault Div under Gen David Petreaus, combined 26yrs experience, I can attest to the fact that StrikeHold is by far the most effective and wondrous cleaner, lubricant on weapons and or anything rusty out in the weather. As far as electrical equipment, I especially run fans outdoors for my dogs in the hot summer weather, rain or shine. These fans are not outdoor fans. All I do is spray the electrical components, and the outlets where they plug in, Strikehold dissipates water and they can keep running in the rain, no worries. I started my Dad using it on his farm equipment, and he has thrown away all his other spray lubricants. We refer to StrikeHold as magic spray. I can say a lot more, but no room here.

David Foster Jr, AKA SUPERDAVE


The new orange scent is a welcome addition and Strike- Hold worked great on a semi-auto shotgun (Benelli Super Sport) and the Over/Under (Browning Cynergy) that I was shooting out in the rain this past weekend. Thanks again for a great product.

LTC. Howard Hall, US Marine Corps. (Chip)


My son is back home, first time in two years. He was telling me just how good your product, Strike Hold, performed in Afghanistan. He used it on his .50 while on convoy. His M249 on patrols and his M240 at the fire bases.

Chuck Buchholz


Thank you for generosity in helping me supply my son's unit in Afghanistan with Strike Hold. He gave high praises for your product. I hope the picture came through. It is of my son and the .50 he used Strike hold on. Thanks again,

Chuck (Proud Military Dad)


Thank you for creating this product. My son is in field artillery for the ARMY & deploys to Afghanistan in June. They use it @ Ft Campbell & me as a Mom...It sure makes me feel a WHOLE lot better knowing that he uses Strike-hold to clean and protect his gun.

Vicki Blanchard (Proud ARMY Mom)


Just wanted to know I did meet up with [Mike] at Lamar Dixon and as always he was a big help. My guys appreciate the great product yall produce !!! (pretty positive the Taliban hates strike hold) keep it up im sure ill be ordering me shortly.

SGT Gates, 61st Troop Command, ASST OPS NCO


I was a small Arms Master Gunner for 2/502 and 2nd BDE, 101st Airborne Div. You gave us a demonstration of strike-Hold.. just prior to the divisions deployment in 2003. We were so impressed that we purchased quite a bit. the stuff is liquid gold and we used it almost exclusively for the 1st 6 months in [Iraq]. When the division's deployment was extended to 13 months the supply dried up really fast because anyone who had any left hoarded it and sprayed down their weapons when no one else was around. When I returned [to Ft. Drum] I recommended Strike-Hold to all of the grunts and S-4's I trained. Thank you for a number one product that relaly made life easier for the 101st grunts in Iraq. I will continue to recommend Strike-Hold to all fellow shooters.

Paul Marns, SFC, IN (Ret)


I used Strike-Hold II overseas to clean my crew served weapons, this stuff is awesome. Even in a dirty, crappy environment my weapons were the cleanest and smoothest of all the theater. ...I used it every day of my deployment.

Duane Oliver (upon returning from overseas deployment)


Your product gave us more confidence that our assigned weapon would not fail when we needed it. the traditional Army CLP just jammed up our weapons like wet-sandpaper on our bolts. We spent a lot of time driving through moon-dust (worse than sand because it is finer and billows up much easier). All our weapons would get dirty as hell. Strike-Hold prevented that moon-dust from clinging to the working parts of our weapons much better than the traditional [Army issue] CLP. Not to mention, when it came time to clean those suckers up after a long day of patrol, Strike-Hold made it a snap...which meant my guys were able to get more needed rack time.

Justin M. Fitch Mortar Platoon Leader and Rifle Platoon Leader 2-27th IN "Wolfhounds", 3rd BDE/25th ID (in Iraq last year)


As a member of the 82nd ABN DIV reconnaissance Team I had the opportunity to put Strike-Hold CLP to the test during the early phases of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Strike-Hold's performance exceeded all of expectations. I used Strike-Hold on my M4 carbine and M240B Machine Gun, while I used a military issue lube on my MK19 Automatic Grenade Launcher. All 3 weapons went with me through hundreds of missions in a variety of conditions and I got to see the first hand difference in performance between the different lubricants. After going cross-country through the desert dirt and dust, the weapon with the standard military issue "wet lube" was completely caked with dirt and dust. The dirt would absorb the lube and turn into a thick sludge. The weapon still functioned but daily cleaning and maintenance was a nightmare. The weapons maintained with Strike-Hold never got more than a light covering of dust, which would get entirely blown away when the weapon was fired. The "dry-lube" (Strike-Hold) repelled the dust and kept the weapons adequately lubricated. I have never had a single failure to fire, or malfunction with the M4 or the 240B. I continue to use Strike-Hold for all my weapons, and I encourage others to do so as well.

SGT Jerry Murray A Troop, 1-17 CAV 82"d ABN DIV


Fm a gunner now in Iraq. I found a bottle and used it on all my weapons. My weapons collected less dust and charged like butter all week. In any group of Soldiers I come across cleaning their weapons, strikehold is mentioned or recommended within 5min. I'm impressed. Thanks for your support to US servicemembers. We appreciate it.



...Now that the dust storms have picked up, I'll be using [Strike-Hold] religiously. Two soldiers eyes lit up when I told them I had the Strike-Hold...they had already heard about your product!



It's the strength in folks like you that hold us together at times, not to mention the cool kick-a** cans of STRIKE-HOLD that you sent us!!! Thank you from the Soldiers of the 101st airborne Division AIR ASSAULT!

101st airborne Division AIR ASSAULT


I am a Veteran of the Global War on Terror Iraqi Campaign. While over there, i had a hard time keeping Grime and sand from collecting on my Rifle and certain areas of my Truck. I friend gave me a can of Strike-Hold as a Gift, and said if i liked it i could have it. I used it on my weapon, and was amazed at how easy it was to get the dirt off and keep it off. As a test, i sprayed it on the battery terminals, and on other prime gunk build-points of my truck. I never had a problem the whole tour keeping them in top condition during my time overseas. I have great confidence in your product, and hope it stays available for a long time.
I'm a gunner now in Iraq. I found a bottle and used it on all my weapons. My weapons collected less dust and charged like butter all week. In any group of Soldiers I come across cleaning their weapons, strikehold is mentioned or recommended within 5min. I'm impressed. Thanks for your support to US servicemembers. We appreciate it.

CPT Komanetz 5-2 NPTT (FORSCOM) Fob Falcon


[Your product] has come highly recommended by people who know [SF weapons personnel]. I will be using it to support our crew served weapons, M2/M240, M249s and M4s as well.

82 ABN


The first time I was in Iraq we used Strike-Hold. It worked GREAT. I am headed back and need the same cleaning power that I had the first time to get me through it all again.

506th MP (L&O) Det


I used strike the last time I was over here when I was in the infantry and loved it, that is all me and my guys used on all of our weapons.



I used [Strike-Hold] last time I was in [Iraq] and I swear by it.

Spc****, U.S. Army


I have recently redeployed from Iraq and we were using Strike-Hold over there and it was wonderful. I am looking to get some on order for my Platoon...

SSG****, U.S. Army


I am an infantry officer in the Marine Corps. I have used your product "Strike-Hold" in [undisclosed location] when I was with**** and loved it.


I really think that it is a great product, a lot better than the Army issued CLP, and other commercial cleaners and lubricants on the market. I use Strike Hold all of the time as well as my platoon, and honestly it is the cleaner/ lubricant that I prefer to use on my weapons. It works great on my M4 carbine and my 9mil pistol in a combat environment.

1LT Andrew Jeser HHB 4-320th FAR 506th Regimental Combat Team 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) Baghdad, Iraq


I continue to use and recommend your product to everyone that has ears. One of the uses that I spray Strike Hold on monthly is my Microtech, OTF automatic knife. Using my air compressor after a good soaking in Strike Hold over night, my OTF auto works fast and stays lint free.

Kurt Skoglund, MSgt USAF


I was recently deployed to Kirkuk Iraq with the 116th BCT. We were issued Mil-tec CLP and but it was the Strike-hold that protected our weapons from the wet weather in the winter and the sand and dust in the summer. Strike-hold saved us valuable time in the maintenance of our weapons. I wont use any other CLP now.

Spc. William Pollick


I would just like to commend you and thank you again for the professional and responsive way you run your company. We (American Soldiers) can't fight without the right tools and supplies. Your company has a great product in Strike Hold and you regularly bend over backwards to ensure our soldiers can get it expeditiously.

Colonel Mike McCaffree, Commander 81st Heavy Brigade Combat Team Washington Army National Guard


We are currently deployed with the 116th BCT in Kirkuk, Iraq and I have found that as far as CLPs your product is by far the best. I have used Miltec and CLP, but strike hold seems to keep dirt off the weapons and even keeps the MK 19 grenade launcher lubed.

2LT Christopher A. Kerr


Thanks again for a great product. It is the only product I use on all my platoons weapons over here is Iraq. Glad I bought enough from you prior to leaving. My .50 cal has been taking quite a lot of abuse and it has not failed to fire yet. The dust is coming and I'm confident it will continue to work great.

SFC Daniel Ishaug Oregon National Guard (In Iraq)


I would like to let you guys know that your Strike Hold product is a perfect asset to have on deployments. I am on my second deployment to Iraq. During my first tour I had no knowledge that Strike Hold even existed. I literally spent hours and hours a week trying to keep my weapon clean and serviceable. Upon this second deployment I was introduced to Strike Hold by the unit we were replacing. It is the best cleaning, and lubricating product I have ever used in 8 years of military experience. Not only that, it seems to keep the weapon clean longer than anyone could ever image.

SSG Farrens HHC 1-13 AR 3BCT Camp Taji


.. getting settled in and transitioning into our jobs as Advisors. ... introduced my team to Strike Hold and they are quite impressed —especially LtCol. the team leader. Semper Fi

Major Howard Hall, USMC in Iraq (presently Colonel)


After using [Strike-Hold] for several months on my weapon and several others in my platoon, it is obvious that my weapon cleans easier and functions better. No more jams after a few mags of blanks. No more jams, period. The trigger housing group is almost always spotless. After several days in the rain, the little rust on the weapon just brushed off. Even sand did not stick to my bolt nearly as badly as a CLP treated weapon.... Strike-Hold is a great product.

Sgt Benjamin Wold, B Co. 1/24 USMCR


STRIKE HOLD is by far the most effective protectant I've ever come across. I have NO worries about rust forming on any of my many many firearms. After seven weeks of putting rust-prone metals through continuous nonstop 24/7 tests. The treated metals do not rust, even after 7 weeks in water. I tell everyone who has ears about STRIKE HOLD. I buy two cans at a time and look for every possible metal object in the garage and basement to treat. Strike Hold is great!

TSgt Dakota Chase, USAF, TN/USA


I used Strike-Hold with the USMC while in Afghanistan and it worked great.

Levi Perkins, 2" Batt. 8th Marines


We currently use Strike-Hold for 240 M16A2 rifles in Basic Combat Training here at Fort Knox, KY. We also use it on M249 SAW machine guns and have found that the product works very well on weapons. We use the little Motorola radios and will begin using Strike- Hold for the electronics, since we are often out in the weather. This is an outstanding product and I greatly appreciate having it when weapons have to function properly.

CPT Ralph Barnes, 2-46 INF, Ft Knox, KY


Great stuff. I got introduced at the WPW Combat Matches at Camp Robinson Arkansas. We sprayed the weapons after firing in the rain all day and then just wiped them off in the morning, no carbon, no rust!

David Evans, NY National Guard


The difference between performance in the weapons using Strike-Hold vs. CLP are obvious. Sand and dust does not gunk up on the Strike-Hold weapons and they don't jam when we go to the range. Thanks for putting out a great product.

1LT Mike Kolodzie, XO HHC BDE, 10th MTN DIV (LI)


I just attended a course instructed by the US Army Sniper School and the instructors swore by Strike-Hold. It's the best stuff I have found yet and I have tried many CLP type formulas.

SGT Marshall Caddy, 11B20C2 US Army Infantry Tank Killer


Since I've been in the Armor at Florida Ranger Camp, I have used Strike-Hold throughout my stay. Strike-Hold effectively cleans sand, mud, and miscellaneous debris, including the built-up carbon and I have the weapon system up in no time flat. This product saves time and equipment downtime by its cleaning capabilities and ease of use for equipment lubrication.

SGT Mark Roncone, Armorer 6th Ranger Training BN, Eglin AFB


Thanks for keeping our soldiers alive with your product. We tell all around us about it and are passing the word to units not deployed yet. God bless and Thanks.

SFC James A. Roberts PBO NCO, 81st Bde Camp Arifjan, Kuwait


... you have the best product out there... our weapons fire awesome after using your product

SPC Al Swierzewski US Army, Baghdad IRAQ


It is a MUST for our deployment. This spray will work on everything and will not attract dust (unlike our CLP currently being used)... I personally used on my own weapons and will never use anything else again.

SFC Ishaug B/3-116 CAV (AR) RNCO / Master Gunner


Strike Hold works great. It cleans and lubricates well and yet keeps the sand off unlike regular CLP.

1LT Garrett Anderson, CAV Co. XO in Sadr City (near Baghdad)


My unit and I are in Iraq and we use the hell out of Strike-Hold. It is the best thing on the market.

SGT Shaun Mc Millen, Supply NCO 82'd ABN, Bravo 2/235 Air


In the maintenance news, I had the opportunity to use Strike Hold on MK19 receivers the other day. Rust spots were showing from the OCONUS trip. The SH seems to make rust disappear as soon as you put it on. SH also helps us clean the large components of the sear and bolt assembly as we are going through these to get the sand and grit out. Keep up the good product. I have been trying to pass on to anyone OCONUS that it may be a good idea to spray weapons down with your product as they are packed up to be shipped back by boat. I think this would help a lot with the rust problem. I hope the product gets accepted for Army wide use on weapons and other applications. As I believe I have said earlier, on M4's that came back from OCONUS by ship, that were totally, completely locked up by rust and could not be charged, Strike Hold had them working in less than 2 seconds. Matter of fact, they were shootable in that amount of time. Its amazing stuff, keep it up. That is the name of the game, we got to keep the units weapons combat ready. The soldiers lives depend on it. Let me know of any changes you come up with, and on the testing.

De Oppresso Liber David Foster (aka SD) 801st MSB, Ft Campbell Ky.


It was my pleasure to meet you. As I stated during our brief discussion, I was very pleased with the performance of Strike-Hold during my predeployment training and subsequent deployment to Afghanistan. During our predeployment training our team fired some 8,000 rounds of 5.56 ball, 5.56 linked, and 7.62 linked ammunition, and Strike-Hold make cleaning the weapons quick and easy. Following our days at the range, we were able to clean 2 M240's, 2 M249's, and 7 M4 weapons in one evening. I must also mention that during our range days it rained on us constantly, yet we had no problem with rust after using your product. While in Afghanistan, we were able to clean our weapons and wipe them dry with no adverse effects. During our deployment, it even rained on us (very heavy for the region) and in spite of the fact that the weapons were dry (dust prevention), no one on the team had any problems with rust. I am pleased with the product and have purchased several cases to support future field experimentation.

Fred, Liaison to Ft Benning, GA


I keep hearing about this stuff (Strike Hold) being used over there with the troops. I am hearing that it works. REALLY WORKS... I know the troops were getting it before they left here last Feb, as I was checking weapons out on the ranges, especially 240B and 249's, I could smell this new stuff. When I asked what it was , I was introduced to Strike Hold. It seems to really do what it is supposed to , kind of like a real Cleaner, Lubricant, preservative. I know we tried some on some weapons the other week here that had just come back from OCONUS, that were so rusty from shipping moisture we could not charge the M4's. We have some of the strike hold here from the Pharmacy on post, used it on the rusty M4's, and had them working and gageing them in less than a minute. This stuff also kept them from rusting again in their arms room that had no AC, and where their dehumidifiers filled up with water over nite. Just wondered if anyone is testing it yet. The below message came out of Special Forces from their OCONUS location. If anyone up there is interested, here it is.. I would hate for TACOM to miss a good opportunity to acquire a great weapons lube for the ARMY.

David Foster Armament Tech, LSI, Inc Ft. Campbell, Ky.

(in a letter to TACOM)

I am currently deployed over seas in Iraq in the war against terrorism. I recently got to use your product on my m4 carbine. I was very impressed with the product and would like to know more information about it and how I can obtain more. thank you for your cooperation.

SPC Boxwell U.S. Army B Co 4-31


Hi Mike, This Frank M, I am the weapons guy on ODA 5. you talked to when you were up to A/I5 SFG(A) at Ft. Campbell. We got a couple of cases of that Strike Hold you brought up from Fla. I was just wondering how difficult would it be to go through our B-tm and get some sent out here to Iraq? (maybe 24 cans) It has proven to be a great lube and a great cleaner whenever we get these nasty sandstorms. Most of the time when I disassemble my .50 cal after a sandstorm its full of sand, but I just spray and it knocks most of it out. I just let it drain out and wipe it down. The gun is good as new. Thanks,



Everyone that I have tried it with is impressed and wants more.

Robert E. Anderson SFC, USA USAREUR Master Gunner


Mike/Deb, Just wanted to let you know that we haven't forgotten about Strike-Hold. Our initial testing with three separate Ranger classes indicates that Strike-Hold does live up to its reputation. ... we'll be buying some more.

Rangers lead the way!

Jon T. Anderson MAJ, IN S4, Ranger Training Brigade Ft Benning, GA


[The Rangers] used your product yesterday and it worked superbly. I will be promoting it to the 75th as a test location again also. We will be using it again when we get the new class in to see its effects. I am confident it will do well.

CSM Douglas Greenway Ranger Training Brigade Ft Benning, GA


hey, its me. Hows it going? All fine here. Get shot at once in a while. Brightens up a dull day. I have an idea. There is going to be a whole country that may need strike hold for their new army, hey? Some reports: use strike hold for .50 cal mg, m-249s, m-4s, m-24s, brushing teeth, sore throat, etc. that come from one of the teams. The like it. Use it everywhere. I didn't ask anymore...

SFC John 5th Special Forces Sniper Locker


Mr. Huggard,
Thank you for stopping in and showing us your product. I have distributed the samples to several units and will send you any feedback I get. I have tried and so far am very pleased with the results. more to follow. It was pleasure meeting you. Take care.

Joe MSG Joseph R Bush III Corps Abrams Master Gunner Fort Hood, Texas


Mike and Debbie - All our best to you as well. Life in Baghdad is swell - Strike Hold continues to kick ass! I even used it on my vehicle to get the air filter cover off! HOOAH! Air Assault!

Joe Colonel Joe Anderson (presently LTG ***) 2"" Brigade Commander 101st Airborne Division Ft Campbell, KY


I am the V Corps Master Gunner deployed in Iraq. I got you compnay information from the CSM of 101st Air Assault. I have forwarded your information to CSM Sparks and SGM Rivera at CFLCC. They may be interested in your product for use in theater. I appreciate your response and would like to check out your product for possible use in Germany when I return. As you can imagine I am on the go quite a bit here and don't get to check e-mail to often. Thanks for your time.

VR Jack Jack Cooper SFC, USA V Corps Master Gunner


Using this product will help your units in my opinion.

CW4 Steven Anderson 101' ABN Div (Air Assault), G4


Just a quick "Thank-you!" from 10 very stressed out individuals on the verge of deployment(sometime in the next 72 hours). Your quick response and no-nonsense sales made doing business with you a pleasure. Fm sure our small order is no big deal, but I hope to convince the brass your product is worthy of the whole company. The info you emailed is helping greatly. Thanks again.

(P.S. The Load planners say "thanks" for the MSDS's. Saved them alot of time.)

SFC Neil ODA 2


Yes... the troopers love the strikehold!!!!!!!! I !!! It is a lot easier to clean a weapon than using the standard WD-40. I even had calls for additional cans for the soldiers. I already emailed the company XO's and supply sergeants on the POC, name and number. LMK if you need anything else

SFC Roland Cervantes S4/ PBO NCOIC


hey, hows it going? here. all is fine. getting ready to put these m-14s to work. the product has been doing well. pretty good reviews. got it out to some of the teams. the like it with there m-4s, m-240s, 249s, m-2 .50 call and mk 19s. hopefully breakfree becomes a thing of the past. the have gone and placed orders. still other teams have not gotten it so i am trying to get it out to them. i am going to borrow a can from some teams to give to others. i gave some to the navy seals, (esp. with the water displacement property), a british infantry unit has some, gonna try to get some to the aussies, and got some to the indiana nat guard. they were all lookin: for somethin: that would work better than what they had. hope they like it. will try to keep tabs on them. address here is i will try to get some to the armourer/ gunsmith at camp doha. they might be interested and if so have contacts with all units that rotae thru. exposure. hey, i fell if it works, everyone needs to know about it. anyway gonna go. enjoying my time in K mart. thanks and with talk to you later. v44,out

SFC John 5th Special Forces Sniper Locker


Mike - Thanks for the note. We are all doing great. I passed your phone # to CW4 Anderson - other units now want to order Strike Hold! Your product is working great over here in these conditions - lots of wind storms. Keep watching NBC/MSNBC! HOOAH! Air Assault!

Colonel Joe Anderson (presently LTG ***) Brigade Commander 101' Airborne Division Ft Campbell, KY


Strike-Hold is working miracles for us and think we've invented a 100 more uses for it. All rave about it. So thank you for what you've done by helping us.

Colonel John Campbell (presently General ****) Regimental Commander 504th PIR, Ft Bragg


...Basically this product [Strike-Hold] has been tested by numerous units on post and in the Army. It has been tested against various other cleaning products past and present and nothing else measures up or cleans and protects to the same level.

ATW Respectfully,

Jonathon A. Glenn 1LT, IN BDE AS4