"All in One"
*Cleans Rust, Corrosion & Carbon
*Dry Lube / Friction Reducer
*Protects Metal
*High Di-electric Strength
"For All Metals"
Firearms - Knives - Tools - Motorcycles
Landscaping Equipment - Bicycles
Automotive - Boat Electronics - Motors
Lighting & Electrical - Generators
Communications - Machinery of All Types
Pool Maintenece - Pumps - Sewing Machines
Stainless Steel Appliances - Compressors
Construction & Farm Equipment
Welcome to "Strike-Hold!"®
"The only folks not using Strike-Hold are those that don't know about it!"
         -M.P. Huggard
"Strike-Hold"® is denser than
water unlike other “similar”
products. It is able to penetrate
and protect against rust,
corrosion & electrical shorts
better than any other CLP bar

Video Demonstrations : Can your product do this?

Electricity and Water
World's Best "Strike-Hold"

Electric drill works

"Strike-Hold" Best Dry Lube reduces friction and repels sand
Best Penetrant Cleaner
for Metals

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Strike-Hold CDLP          PowerPoint Presentation
Strike-Hold CDLP          PowerPoint Presentation