Dealers Only

Dealers Only

So you want to sell Strike-Hold...

To be a Retail Dealer, a minimum initial purchase of 12 cases is required to qualify for "dealer pricing". Restocking orders have a minimum of only 4 cases.
For companies interested in regional, national or international distribution a formal contract agreement must be entered into between both parties. Please contact
Mike Hubbard
for more information. (Toll-free 866-331-0572)

Any business can become a retail DEALER of our products, just by meeting minimal purchase requirements and providing the appropriate paperwork. In order to become a Wholesale DISTRIBUTOR of our products we adhere to much more stringent principles and guidelines. Since your company's service and performance not only reflects directly on us but it is in ours and our customers best interest that your company meets specific requirements. If your company is interested in becoming a Distributor in your region, we will first want to establish an ongoing relationship with you in order to evaluate your performance over a period of time. Some of the factors we will consider are:

  • Sales productivity
  • Customer service (including prompt and reliable delivery, easy access, honest, fair and reasonable service and pricing)
  • Ability and space to maintain sufficient inventory
  • Financial stability
  • Adequate staff to handle sales, processing and shipping
  • General integrity of the company and its representatives

Minimum initial purchase requirements may vary depending on the region. Please contact us if you have further questions.