Strike-Hold® vs. Strike-Hold® II

There is only minor difference in use and effectiveness between Strike-Hold and Strike-Hold II. Both formulas lubricate and protect/preserve to the same high-quality standards users have come to expect and appreciate. Users who compare the products side-by-side will find that Strike-Hold is a more aggressive cleaner than Strike-Hold II. However, as customer feedback indicates, Strike-Hold II is still a more effective cleaner than other products on the market today.


There is NO DIFFERENCE in the way Strike-Hold and Strike-Hold II is applied or what it can be applied on. Both formulas are for use on all metals. Neither formula will harm associated wood finishes, rubber and most plastics, nor will either formula remove the parkerization or blueing from weapons.

Chemical content:

HERE'S THE DIFFERENCE. Strike-Hold II does not contain tetrachloroethylene and is therefore considered more "environmentally-friendly" than the original formula.

The "scoop" on Tetrachloroethylene:

Although tetrachloroethylene is a "possible carcinogen" extensive studies have shown that exposure through aerosol application is extremely low (It should also be noted that coffee is on this same list of "possible carcinogens"!). This chemical is not absorbed well through skin and this is not likely to be a significant route of exposure. As with any chemical, proper handling, storage and ventilation precautions should always be used.

Why 2 formulas?

Strike-Hold II was developed in response to concerns expressed by a select few. We felt a responsibility to address these concerns and worked diligently to produce an “alternative” in Strike-Hold II. This alternate formulation provides the same outstanding benefits of the original formula, while containing a different cleaning solvent that is more environmentally acceptable. While the original formula remains a leader in the commercial and government marketplace, we understand the issues surrounding the concern of some, and ask that those people consider the benefits of Strike-Hold II.
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